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  1. June offers at Miss Bohemia


    The June Summer promo continues and you can get 10% off all of today's picks over at Miss Bohemia until the end of June.  Here's some of my favourite gift ideas for book lovers and those who love a little drama in their life!





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     Head on over to Miss Bohemia for some retail therapy and don't forget to tell your friends :-)

     Miss Bohemia 

  2. Summer Sale at Miss Bohemia

    As we move into Summer you can now enjoy 10% off everything at Miss Bohemia until the end of June.  This offer includes the new literary jewellery and accessories, the new Alice In Wonderland collection, pretty owl coasters and much more!
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    Head on over to Miss Bohemia for some retail therapy and don't forget to tell your friends :-)
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  3. Alice In Wonderland


    Alice In Wonderland Fantasy Necklace

     "I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir' said Alice, 'because I'm not myself you see'

    You can't help but love the whimsical characters in the Alice In Wonderland tales - whether they are as 'mad as a hatter' or ' uttering threats of 'off with her head'! 

    Alice In Wonderland 'Drink Me' Stud Earrings

    This delightful tale is full of some of my favourite mad but meaningful quotes which take you on a trip 'unlike no other' down the rabbit hole.  


    Follow The White Rabbit Stud Earrings

     Alice is a great inspiration at Miss Bohemia and the collection has been update to include the darker side of this fairy tale as well as a few more traditional pieces.

    Cheshire Cat Fantasy Necklace

     Newer styles in this collection include the Cheshire Cat and the Queen Of Hearts.  These designs take the form of earrings and pendants in a variety of finishes.


    The Queen Of Hearts Fantasy Necklace

     More Alice characters will be added to this range soon - including the Mad Hatter and the White Queen!


    The Queen Of Hearts Fantasy Necklace

    Stop by my website at or view the Alice In Wonderland collection can be viewed here.

     alice for collage copy
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  4. New At Miss Bohemia 
    Deer, Butterfly & Bird Nest Coasters


    I have some more lovely coasters to share with you.  These coasters have a vintage style and feature elements of nature. All coasters are all available at Miss Bohemia and the full collection can be viewed here
    Deer Coaster From Miss Bohemia
    They are available individually or as a gift set of 4 and the current collection includes a Butterfly, Deer (2 different designs) and a Bird's Nest. 
    Deer Coaster (V2) From Miss Bohemia
    The coasters are part of a matching theme and all have vintage styled shabby chic backgrounds.
    Butterfly Coaster From Miss Bohemia 
    They are both pretty and practical and make great housewarming gifts.
    Bird's Nest Coaster From Miss Bohemia 
     To receive 10% off these new coasters and all other purchases, add the discount code 'MAY10' at checkout! Offer Ends 31.05.2013 

    I'm also running a poll on my Facebook page for my next giveaway! Followers get to choose the type of giveaway prize/s before it's launched (from the different collections in my shop).  Stop by here or click the picture below to go to my Facebook page complete the poll :-)
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