June 2012

Miss Bohemia Featured in

'Popular Crafts' Magazine


The 'UK Handmade' Summer Showcase


Diamond Jubilee Special Edition - Popular Craft Magazine June/July 2012

Queen For A Day Keepsake Box

My 'Queen For A Day' Keepsake box has been featured in 'Popular Crafts' Magazine :-) It can be seen in the 'Most Wanted' section of the June/July 2012 Diamond Jubilee Special Edition ~ isn't that exciting! There's lots of other great finds in the 'Most Wanted' section, including encaustic artwork by the talented Hazel Rayfield of Art In Wax!

UK Handmade British Summer & Jubilee Showcase 2012

My 'Queen' Keepsake Box can also be seen in the 'UK Handmade' British Summer & Jubilee Showcase 2012, alongside the work of other UK Designers/Makers. Head on over there for some amazing handmade designs including cards, decor, jewellery, accessories, gifts and homeware!


Miss Bohemia Phantom Giveaway in Popular Crafts
I also have a giveaway in Popular Crafts Magazine for one of my most popular designs - the 'Phantom Of The Opera Masked Rose Necklace'. This is the newer sparkly edition and there are 2 of these great prizes up for grabs (further details can be found on page 38)!


March 2012
Miss Bohemia featured in
UK Handmade 'Spring' Showcase

Some exciting news to share you with you today :-)

My Shabby Chic Pink & Blue Luxury Bookmark is featured in the UK Handmade Spring Showcase for 2012!
UK Handmadeis a 'design led online magazine' which celebrates, promotes and features UK handmade designers, makers and offers valuable information and advice too. The Spring showcase features some amazing goodies including cards & decorations, jewellery, accessories, gifts and homeware!

Snapshot of UK Handmade Spring Showcase 2012

as featured in UK Handmade

February 2012 
Miss Bohemia Featured in Popular Crafts Magazine

I have some really exciting news to share with you today :-) My Miss Bohemia website is featured in the 'Popular Crafts' Magazine Spring Issue under recommended 'Sites to be seen' on page 81!

I blogged a little while ago about being featured as the Popular Craft's 'Homepage Artist of the Month' for January and to be featured again was just as special but also a lovely unexpected surprise :-) You can see the magazine snippet below :-) 
Miss Bohemia featured under 'Sites to be seen' in Popular Crafts

I've mentioned before that Popular Crafts is one of my favourite magazines and those of you who are readers will already know why, but I wanted to mention that this UK craft magazine is full of amazing projects, tutorials, reviews, tips, techniques, giveaways and much more. The website, which also has a craft forum, is also a great resource for both beginners and experienced crafters! You can also see I have a new 'As featured in Popular Crafts' Magazine graphic at the site of my blog being proudly displayed too! The new March Issue is out now :-)

A big thank you to
Popular Crafts for the feature and I also wanted to give a special 'thank you' and 'mention' to the Editor of 'Popular Crafts Magazine' Katharine Jewitt!



January 12th 2012
Miss Bohemia featured on 'Life According to Lea' Blog
Article snippet below


Through Etsy I came across Jen from Miss Bohemia and her wonderful range of whimsical trinkets and jewellery. Whilst you can buy from the Miss Bohemia Etsy shop there is a British website which also features Jen’s blog here.


"Here’s what Jen had to say when I asked about her products: I create jewellery and accessories and am inspired by nature, art, books, life and fairytales.

I have recently introduced a new accessory range which includes trinket & keepsake boxes and also fabric based designs such as purses and cushions!

My designs include bohemian glamour, darkly romantic creations, vintage and Victorian inspired pieces, Paris themes, Alice in Wonderland and fairytales!"

Thank you to Lea :)

January 2012
Miss Bohemia featured as Popular Craft's 
Homepage 'Artist of the Month'
I have some exciting news to share you with you :-)  
I have been featured by 'Popular Crafts' (one of my favourite crafting magazines) as the Homepage 'Artist of the Month'!
This wonderful feature is titled "10 Questions with Jen Neil of Miss Bohemia"  and was covered by the lovely Editor Katharine Jewitt!  Katherine has featured some of her favourite designs from Miss Bohemia including Alice In Wonderland Jewelleryand my popular Phantom of the Opera Pendant.  I've included the article below but you will also find it here !

10 Questions with Jen Neil of Miss Bohemia

By Katharine Jewitt

If you'd like to feature in our Artist's 10 Questions, please email [email protected]

1. Tell us about yourself, what you do and your work
I create and design jewellery and accessories!  I originally started off making jewellery, but have recently added accessories such as altered art keepsake boxes and fabric based designs such as cushions and purses. I am also a self confessed craft addict and enjoy a range of other crafts including card making, stamping, knitting and painting.  My designs include vintage inspired creations, fairytales and dark fantasy pieces, Alice In Wonderland designs and my shabby chic Paris collection!


2. What are your inspirations?

My creative brain never rests and I draw inspiration from almost everywhere.  From life, love, music, books and nature e.g. even simple things such as the way rain falls on a petal or the more complex changing colours and textures of the sky inspire me.

Favourite childhood novels such as Alice In Wonderland provide great inspiration for some of my fairytale jewellery, while my love of reading thrillers is expressed through my darkly romantic jewellery.  I also like to incorporate a mix of modern and vintage elements in my work.  Other great loves of mine include musicals such as ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’. You will often see pieces that encompass a mix of both beauty and beast!


3. When and where did you study/learn and has your work changed since then?

I have always been very creative as a child I found great delight in drawing and painting, and making characters come to life!  I did study art at school (many years ago) but I would say that I am self taught.  I have recently attended a series of short courses, which include working with resin and basic sewing skills. 


I started out with jewellery making and then began exploring different crafts which include art and sewing.  My more recent work has developed into more complex techniques and methods when creating, but I am also developing sewing projects and altered art pieces that have jewellery components incorporated into in their design.

 4. What techniques do you use in your work?

I started off using pre-made components, chains and beads and later moved on to wire wrapping, manipulating metal findings such as filigree wraps, resin and polymer clay.  More recently I have added painting, blending, hand-stamping and embellishing to my non-jewellery projects i.e. keepsake boxes and mini cushions, to give them a more unique or special finish.


5. How long have you been working as an Artist?

I have always been creative for as long as I can remember but I began making and selling jewellery in 2009 and went on to open 2 shops at online handmade market places.

6. What are the best and worst things about your craft, and how easy is it to find work and make a living from it?

The best thing about crafting is being ‘creative’, coming up with different ideas and seeing them take shape and their eventual form.  For me it’s about being in that place (which I call the zone) where ideas flow freely and you’re creative process is led by instinct.

It’s hard for me to find a bad thing to say about crafting because it’s something I love to do.  I did experience frustration earlier on when I had an idea but was limited by my ability or materials.  I’m still learning and consider crafting to be an ongoing process where as you learn more you develop more.  The other thing that I didn’t realise was the business element involved in getting your work ‘out there – this concept was completely alien to me.  I now spend a lot of time taking photos, writing product descriptions, promoting my designs and my website etc and am still learning. 

I combine having a regular (part time) job with crafting and luckily I tend to be more creatively productive in the evening.  I think it takes a lot of hard work and talent to be able to make a living from your craft, but it is something I hope to do in the future.

7. Can we visit you at your studio / shop?

My designs are currently only available online and a small selection of my designs are currently being stocked in a shop in Whitley Bay, UK at

8. What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to eventually live my dream and be able to create and craft full time.  I hope to continue being creative and loving what I do and further develop and improve my skills.  I would love to have my designs stocked in more shops and eventually set up a shop which would also house the work of other artisans and crafters.


9. What do you sell and how can we buy?

I have a range of jewellery, which includes unique or one-off pieces and I also have a line of different accessories.  The jewellery ranges includes earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches and rings, while the accessories include keepsake boxes, bookmarks, lavender bags, purses 67falsefalse65and cushions.  These are all available from my website and my Etsy shop and a small selection of my designs are stocked at in Whitley Bay.  My blog is updated with information on new designs and projects


10. What is your most favourite piece?
 Miss Bohemia
I enjoy and love so many of the pieces of jewellery I make, but my favourite piece of work is my first altered art ‘Mermaid treasures’ keepsake box.  I’d had the idea in my head for a while before I got to work on it.  It had also been a long time since I’d painted and it was such a great feeling to be painting, mixing colours and using different textures such as blending and hand-stamping!
Miss Bohemia 
Image provided by MyHobbyStore Ltd 
While you're there, you can check out the site, which is an "essential resource for both beginners and experienced crafters alike"!  The site is jam packed with craft features, reviews, tips and techniques, tutorials, giveaways and a craft forum too!
I would like to thank Katharine Jewitt for the feature :-)
Jen x

November 2011

Miss Bohemia featured in the UK Handmade Christmas Showcase
I have some really exciting news to share you with you :-)  

You may have already seen the 'UK handmade' logo displayed on the left hand side of my blog and if you haven't already heard, UK Handmade is a 'design led online magazine' which celebrates, promotes and features UK handmade designers. In addition to the wonderful online magazine and showcases, they also have advice, information and a forum network, which you can find out more about here.

My Christmas Fairy Wishes Keepsake box is featured in the UK Handmade Christmas Showcase for 2011!


The UK handmade Christmas showcase features some amazing gifts and decorations from talented UK designers and crafters.  The designs includes cards & decorations, jewellery, accessories, gifts and homewares and much more!

Christmas Winter Fairy Wishes Keepsake Box

Christmas Winter Fairy Wishes Keepsake Box
as featured in UK Handmade


Jen x





Miss Bohemia has been featured in the press

 *Alice In Wonderland *

I'm Late I'm Late Alice In Wonderland Clock Earrings

As seen in Prom Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2011


Prom Mag I



Spellbound Opal Amulet Necklace featured on Folksy Handmade Marketplace ~ November 2010

One-of-a-kind and available here

Featured on Folksy UK handmade market



The Phantom Pendant is currently available here and you can view the entire contents of this catalogue here



 UK handmade gift guide



Alice Magazine Winter Issue 2010


Alice Magazine Front Cover


 Alice mag page 8 Alice mag pg9

Alice mag page10 Alice mag page11

Alice mag page12 Alice mag page13




Popular Crafts Wire & Beadwork Issue 4 - September 2010



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 My Phantom Of The Opera Masked Rose Necklace has been included in the UK Handmade 'Christmas Collection' for 2010


Phantom Of The Opera Masked Rose Pendant by Miss Bohemia has been included in the UK Handmade Christmas Collection Catague ~ November 2010