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  1. Gift Ideas For Her at Miss Bohemia


    If you're looking for 'gifts for her' stop by Miss Bohemia :-)  You'll find something for literary lovers and book nerds, those who love fairytales as well as some stylishly classic designs too.  I've featured some of my favourite designs below to help you choose a great gift this year.  All are available at Miss Bohemia plus there's lots more and to help you on your way, enjoy 10% off everything with the discount code 'Giftsforher10' until the 5th December 2013. Don't forget to share and pass on this great offer :-)


    Pride & Prejudice's Mr Darcy's Proposal Literary Scarf, Jane Austen "You must allow me to..."

    Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte Book Cover For the iPhone 5 & 5S Case

    Pride & Prejudice "I'd Rather Be At Pemberley" Book Themed Mirror, Jane Austen


      Wuthering Heights Mug, Heathcliff "Be With Me Always..."Emily Bronte

    Phantom Of The Opera Mask Rose Necklace Sparkly Edition

    Wizard Of Oz Mug, There's No Place Like Home

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